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  Helping those with EB is easy.  


Easy donations

For the price of a cup of coffee a week you can donate straight from your pay packet to DEBRA NZ. The charities rebate will be automatically worked out - meaning no headaches for you or us.

Automatic donations

  • May and Jacqui prepare for a fundraising event.

    May and Jacqui prepare for a fundraising event

If you're self employed or not receiving a wage from an employer then you can set up an automatic payment yourself.

The DEBRA NZ Trust
The National Bank of New Zealand

Please include ‘donation’ in the particulars and your name in the code and/or reference fields. Email us at to confirm your contact details and we’ll send you a tax receipt before the end of the tax year.

Or send a cheque to:

The DEBRA NZ Trust
PO Box 7316,
Wellington 6242

Include your name and contact details and we'll send you a tax receipt before the end of the tax year.

One-off donation items

  • Masked ball fundraiser.

    Masked ball fundraiser

Many people are moved to give something to help the individual children and families. You can still do this either by contacting the family directly (if you know them) or by asking the Trust to pass the gift or donation on.

Fundraising events

If you would like to hold or volunteer to help with a fundraising event for DEBRA NZ please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Donations of time

You may have a skill and or spare time that could be of use to DEBRA or our family members. Email us at to discuss the possibilities if you would like to volunteer.


When you make or alter your will please remember the DEBRA NZ Trust.

In Memorium

More and more people ask that instead of buying flowers for a loved one’s funeral, you make a donation on their behalf to a nominated charity. DEBRA NZ would be very grateful to be honoured in this way.


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