EB Conferences and Family Camps

  For DEBRA members and medical professionals, DEBRA NZ conferences include presentations on dressings, EB care and research. The annual weekend has a friendly, supportive atmosphere and includes recreational activities. Family Camps are for families with young children and have more emphasis on fun family activities  

Life can be incredibly difficult for children who are different. One of DEBRA's key aims is to create a normal as possible childhood for children with EB. It is incredibly beneficial for children with EB and their siblings to meet other children living with EB. Getting together in a crowd and having fun with a large extended family who all understand is pure gold.

  • Children at the DEBRA NZ Conference 2009.

    Children at the DEBRA NZ Conference 2009

Parents and caregivers also gain a lot from meeting others facing the same challenges. They can compare notes, discuss the pros and cons of various treatments and products, and know there are others who really understand what they are going through.  

The travel costs to bring everyone together can be high especially as some EB families have to travel with support helpers and lots of medical supplies, but the experience of all concerned is that these weekends are a vital lifeline, full of warmth old friends and fun!

  • DEBRA NZ Family Camp 2010.

    DEBRA NZ Family Camp 2010


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