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  Welcome! DEBRA New Zealand is a collection of mums and dads from all over New Zealand who have been where you are now.  

You, like many others before you, may have never heard of EB before the birth of your child. We are here and available if you want to talk with someone.

By now your medical team should have informed one of our Specialist EB Nurses who will visit you. They will visit and help fill in the gaps for both you and those around you, including the medical professionals who are caring for baby and you.

EB wounds and blisters are painful when they happen but with careful handling, specialist dressings and padding EB babies can be comfortably protected from friction and damage. It is very important to hold dressings in place without using sticky tape.

Please check that your doctors have accessed the expertise of the Specialist EB Nurses. This is a National Health Board funded service to ensure EB babies anywhere in New Zealand get the best possible care. Some aspects of correct EB care can be life-critical for fragile newborns.

  • Families at the 2009 DebRA conference.

    Families at the 2009 DEBRA conference

In New Zealand all people with EB are provided with specialists dressings for free.

You, a family member or a friend can contact DEBRA NZ and arrange for the specialist EB Nurses to provide help and advice for you and your baby.

In the meantime, explore our website. We can’t promise that everything will be alright, but we can promise to provide access to the best information and advice available world wide, and to give support to you and your baby.

EB knows no boundaries and as a result children all over the world are members of the DEBRA family.

All the best!

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Helpful hints

Pain-free washing - Saline bathing

Washing a wound or graze ‘stings’, whether you have EB or not. Wetting raw wounded areas with ‘normal’ saline solution doesn’t sting at all, like magic it’s painless.

Normal saline solution is 0.9% salt (sodium chloride), that’s:

  • 0.9 grams of salt / 100ml of water;
  • 90 grams of salt (about half a cup) / 10 litres of water.
More about saline bathing


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